BTS KookMin’s faces are too close! ? Kookmin’s Kimpa Making V Live !!

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BTS who are good friends like a family.

BTS has various combination names and is familiar to ARMY.

Jimin and V’s 95zz, and Jimin and JungKook’s Kookmin are the most famous.

This time I introduce BTS Kookmin’s Kinpa Making V Live!

At Kookmin’s V-Live this time,JUNGKOOK and JIMIN made a kinpa.

Jimin and Jung Kook who made Kinpa hard while eating the knobs were cute.

It was Kookmin’s V-live full of highlights, but the scene just before a kiss became a topic!

Jimin’s face was close to kissing Jungkook who was trying to put a cucumber on a pure face!

ARMY was also a thrilling scene.

Jimin is bold to do!

By the way, Kookmin’s Kinpa making V-Live became a hot topic, and “Kookmin” became a trend at once.

It’s a world star BTS.

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ARMY is thrilling BTS Kookmin’s kinpa making V live.

The making of Kimpa by the two was a rare video.

Please check it out!