BTS Jungkook with tied long hair is cute! Hairstyles on YouTube live are talked about !!

Quote from:YouTube

BTS made a great success in the online concert at “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E”.

BTS members are currently preparing for the comeback of their new album “BE”.

This time, we will introduce the YouTube live broadcast by BTS Jungkook!

This is BTS Jungkook’s YouTube live broadcast on October 21st.

Jungkook enjoyed interacting while reading the comments of the fans in the work room.

Jungkook’s tied long hair became a hot topic among ARMY!

Jungkook used his hair to show us various hairstyles .

Chonmage hair was a hairstyle that I had never seen before, and it looked good on Jungkook.

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In addition to Jungkook who broadcast YouTube live, Jimin and SUGA also broadcast V live.

It’s a pity that we can’t meet BTS at live, but fans are happy to meet many BTS members on V Live and YouTube!

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