Cute ghosts! BTS challenged Halloween costumes !!

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Quote from:MCOUNTDOWN twitter
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BTS is preparing for a comeback with their new album “BE”.

It was announced that the title song of “BE” is “Life Goes On”.

BTS’s Halloween event is attracting attention every year.

This time we will introduce to the 2020 BTS Halloween event!

This is the Halloween costume of BTS members posted on NAVER.

It was cute to wear a white cloth and cosplayed as a ghost!

Everyone wore unique sunglasses.

There was also a clothless version of the photo, so it was a fun Halloween photo.

While BTS members are busy preparing for the comeback of their new album, you can feel their love for ARMY by holding a Halloween event for ARMY.

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At Halloween 2020, not only BTS but also many popular idols such as ENHYPEN, TREASURE, THE BOYZ, and MAMAMOO cosplayed.

High-quality costume has become a hot topic!

Please check that out too ♪