NCT U won first place in “Make A Wish”! Pay attention to the cute joyful dance !!

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Quote from:SHOWCHAMPION twitter
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NCT U made a comeback with the new song “Make A Wish”.

The number of MV views of “Make A Wish” has exceeded 60 million times, and it has become a hot topic.

NCT U won the first place in “Make A Wish” at SHOW CHAMPION broadcast on October 21st!

This is NCT U members at SHOW CHAMPION.

There was no performance of “Make A Wish”, but NCT U won the 1st place and made a thank-you comment!

It was cute to have a trophy and dance with joy .

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Sales of the NCT2020 album “NCT2020 RESONANCE Pt.1”, which includes “Make A Wish”, have exceeded the million seller.

It’s interesting to see if NCT U can win first place in future music programs!

Please check it out ♪