Pineapple emoji is very cute! BTS “Permission to Dance” Twitter emoji is now available!

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BTS released a new song “Permission to Dance” on July 9th.

It’s a collaboration song with Ed Sheeran, and the number of MV views quickly exceeded 100 million.

A new Twitter emoji (hash flag) for BTS “Permission to Dance” is a hot topic!

Quote from:

This is the new Twitter emoji (hash flag) of “#PermissiontoDance” that appeared on Twitter.

The last “#PermissiontoDance” emoji was a colorful beach ball.

The new emoji is pineapple !

The pineapple character wearing sunglasses is very cute 😆

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Yesterday, on July 10th, the video of unboxing the album containing “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” was released.

BTS talked about the contents and photos of the album, and I heard a lot of valuable stories.

Please check that video too ♪