BTS Jimin was on Jeju Island? J-HOPE commented on Jimin’s Instagram post! “Jjyamana” is cute!

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BTS opened a personal Instagram on December 6th.

BTS members post unique photos, and their followers are increasing at a tremendous pace.

Today, December 22nd, BTS Jimin posted a photo on Instagram!

This is a photo posted on BTS Jimin’s personal Instagram.

It was a photo of Jimin sitting near the sea.

Many ARMY who saw the photo think that Jimin may be on Jeju Island!

Jimin has already finished the quarantine, so he may be enjoying his private on Jeju Island.

In response to this Jimin’s post, J-HOPE commented, “Jjyamana (Jimin), you have to post the photo you’ve sent us ”

Jimmin replied, ” I’ll post them slowly” and I’m looking forward to Jimin’s future posts!

It was also cute that J-HOPE called Jimin “Jjyamana(쨔마나)” .

Let’s check out future Instagram posts by Jimin and other BTS members ♪