The hilarious 95z were too cute! ? BTS appeared on I-LAND !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Big Hit Entertainment’s hottest audition program I-LAND.

It’s a popular program where trainees grow up to take on various missions every time.

BTS appeared on such I-LAND!

This is I-LAND on which BTS appeared.

The appearance of BTS has been a hot topic for a long time.

BTS members who came to the I-LAND studio for the first time were surprised at the system.

Among them, V and Jimin (95z) who were dancing in the practice room, were cute!

95z were dancing in the mirror as if they were a trainee.

They danced “ON”.

You can see the cute BTS members.

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I-LAND is getting more attention with the appearance of BTS.

I’m wondering who is the debut member from I-LAND.

Please check it out♪