Shirtless BTS V(Taehyung) is a hot topic! ARMY was surprised at the bathing scene at “Run BTS!” !


BTS’s popular program “Run BTS!”.

Various games are prepared every time, and it is program that ARMY can enjoy watching.

In “Run BTS!” released on March 9, the bathing scene of V(Taehyung) became a hot topic!

This is “Run BTS!” released on V Live.

Continuing from the last time, a discussion game in the pool was being held.

It was cute and funny scene that j-hope was sprinkled with a lot of water.

The last bathing scene of V was the most talked about!

After the game, V, who was warming his cold body, was shirtless, and ARMY was surprised.

It was a rare scene.

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In the pool, the muscles of Jungkook were also hot topics.

The muscles in his arms were wonderful!

Please check out the next “Run BTS!” ♪