SUGA looks fun! BTS will go strawberry picking together !!

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BTS is a topic of good relations between the members.

They have been living together for a long time, so it’s already a family relationship.

I introduce that such BTS went to strawberry picking with all members.

Here is a picture of SUGA posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

There was SUGA who had the strawberry happily in the strawberry farm.

SUGA is cute!

In fact, it was not only SUGA at this time, but also all the members went to strawberry picking.

V revealed to ARMY that all the members went strawberry picking in the game.

It’s good friends to hunt strawberries together!

ARMY also found that the strawberry farm in the SUGA photo was Jin’s uncle’s farm.

It’s no longer a family relationship!

I’m sure Jin’s uncle was happy too.

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Always a fun BTS post.

Different members make a lot of posts, so I don’t get bored every day.

I’m looking forward to posting in the future♪