BTS V released a snippet of his new song ! It’s like a wonderful lullaby ! “sleep”

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Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter
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BTS is very popular all over the world.

V is a member who can write and compose songs, and his solo songs are also very popular.

V released a snippet of his new unreleased song !

This is V’s post at 4 am on April 21st.

It was written as “sleep”, and V’s post after a long time attracted attention.

V’s singing voice was wonderful, and it was a melody that healed like a lullaby!

Earlier on V Live, he said he was preparing a mixtape.

I don’t know when it will be released, but I’m looking forward to hearing what V’s new songs 😆

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“Blue & Grey” from BTS’s latest album “BE” is also a very popular song .

It’s a song that is gaining popularity not only in Korea but all over the world !

Please check out V’s new songs in the future ♪