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BTS Jin’s pajamas will be finally on sale! Cute pillows too! Check out “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS” ♪

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BTS Jin is popular all over the world.

Jin has many charms that loved by everyone.

Recently, the pajama worn by Jin has become a hot topic among ARMY!

These are photos posted on the official Twitter account of In The Soop.

The blue pajama that Jin wore is so cute.

Cute characters were designed in the pajama, and ARMY was looking for which brand of the pajama.

And today, on January 1st, as “ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS”, it was announced the sale of pajamas that Jin wore.

The pajama that Jin wore were the GOOD DAY version, and there are also BAD DAY version pajama.

Both designs are so cute and can be worn by both men and women 😆

In addition to pajamas, there are pillows, and I want to get them !

Let’s check it out ♪