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BTS JHOPE’s room was released ! JHOPE’s room gives ARMY energy !!

Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter
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BTS is preparing for the release of their new album “BE”.

Concept photos are released in order, leaving only JHOPE concept photos.

JHOPE’s concept photo was released on November 8th!

This is JHOPE’s concept photo posted on the official Twitter account of Big Hit Entertainment.

It was a colorful room, with pink sofa, light blue shelves, and orange shelves!

JHOPE’s individuality was felt from the posters on the walls and the shoes on the shelves.

“This is JHOPE, the curator of this room. This room gives me a psychological sense of security and expresses what kind of person I am. This space is filled with a bright, colorful and energetic atmosphere like JHOPE. It would be great if ARMY could feel the energy of this room, which shows my existence.

It was a bright and energetic room that you can understand that it is a JHOPE room just by looking at the room!

It was a wonderful concept photo that also energized ARMY.

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The concept photo of JHOPE has been released, and the concept photo of all BTS members has been released.

BTS’s comeback date is November 20th, so I’m looking forward to the future teaser video!

Please check it out ♪