BTS V’s black fashion! DOLCE&GABBANA tops are fashionable !!

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Quote from:아시아투데이
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BTS is active worldwide.

BTS won the 1st place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

BTS members are also talking about fashion.

This time I would like to introduce BTS V’s fashion!

Quote: 아시아투데이

This is the BTS V’s fashion filmed on September 8.

All black, it was a cool fashion!

The tops with a large fox design were made by Dolce&Gabbana, and I felt a sense of luxury.

The shoes were NIKE sandals.

It’s a fashion that you can feel V’s fashionable.

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By the way, September 7th was the birthday of V’s dog, Yeontan.

Yeontan’s birthday was celebrated all over the world.

I think V was happy too!

Be sure to check out the fashionable fashion of BTS members in the future♪