BTS Jimin’s moon tattoo is from fan art! ? Taehyung(V) taught Jimin it! ?


BTS Jimin is very popular all over the world.

Jimin is a popular member for his sexy performance and sweet singing voice, and his usual cute behavior is also wonderful.

Today, September 18th, Jimin broadcast Weverse Live!

The other day, at the Weverse live broadcast by all 7 members of BTS, Jimin said that next time he will broadcast the Weverse live alone.

As promised, Jimin broadcasted Weverse live.

The story about Jimin’s moon tattoo on his back and his neck caught my attention!

Jimin’s moon tattoo became a hot topic on “PTD ON STAGE”, and many ARMY was wondering what it meant.

Jimin told us that this moon tattoo was based on fan art!

It seems that Taehyung(V) showed Jimin a fan drawing of the moon art from Jimin’s back to his neck, and Jimin tattooed it as is.

Originally, Jimin only had one tattoo on his neck, but now he has more tattoos from his back to his neck, and it represents the phases of the moon.

It’s hard to see Jimin’s tattoo on his back, but I’d like to see all the moon tattoos on stage someday😆

Let’s check out Jimin’s future activities♪