BTS appeared at FNS Music Festival! It is a hot topic that V was cool !!


The “2020 FNS Music Festival Summer” broadcast on August 26th.

A lot of popular Japanese artists have appeared, and BTS and SEVENTEEN have appeared from Korea.

At the stage of BTS “Stay Gold” that was shown at the FNS Music Festival, V, who was too handsome, became a hot topic!

V sitting on the far left and singing “Stay Gold”.

V’s hairstyle with blond hair was really cool!

The time that V was projected was long, and the good-looking guy of V was a hot topic.

After broadcasting, tweets about BTS and V were trending.

The number of followers of BTS official Twitter is also increasing, and I felt the great influence.

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At the “Stay Gold” stage, not only V but everyone at BTS was focus on.

Many people liked the song itself.

It seems that BTS will become more popular ♪