BTS Jungkook went to the restroom during V Live! ? The difference in reaction with Jimin is a topic!


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook has recently changed from blonde hair to blue hair and is trying various hair colors.

At V Live, which was broadcasted by Jungkook on March 7, his hair color changed to a new one!

This is V Live broadcasted by BTS Jungkook.

Like the last V Live, Jungkook sang a lot of songs, and it was full of highlights.

The scene where Jungkook went to the restroom became a hot topic among ARMY! (Around 35 minutes)

Jungkook was cute to ask ARMY in Korean and English, “Can I go to rest room? I will comeback. Quickly. OK? OK!” .

While Jungkook was going to the restroom, it was interesting to see an empty chair and keyboard on the screen.

When Jungkook came back from the restroom and fan asked “Did you feel refreshed?”, he answered “It’s refreshing !” and it was a cute scene.

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Actually, there was a scene where Jimin went to the restroom during the V Live before too.

Jimin seemed to be embarrassed to go to the restroom, but this time Jungkook went to the bathroom cutely, and the difference in reaction between the two was noticeable.

There were many other interesting scenes, so please check out Jungkook’s V Live ♪