What is the breed of BTS V(Taehyung)’s pet dog Yeontan? Introducing the origin of the name !!

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BTS attracts attention not only to music but also to fashion and personal life.

BTS’s some members have pets.

This time, I will introduce BTS V(Taehyung)’s pet dog Yeontan!

A very cute dog, Yeontan.

Yeontan’s breed is Black Tan’s Pomeranian!

The cute appearance is a visual loved by everyone, and is loved by BTS members.

The name of Yeontan is derived from the name of briquettes.

It’s easy to call and cute from the name!

The sense of V is amazing, isn’t it?

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Yeontan, who was smaller than a rucksack when V started to keep it, is growing steadily.

Yeontan and V’s photography became a hot topic.

I would like to continue watching many videos of Yeontan and V♪