BTS Jungkook’s mulet hair is so cool!Coway’s photo is a hot topic!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS is planning to make a comeback with their new album “Proof” on June 10th, and many ARMYs are looking forward to it.

Today, May 16th, BTS’s black hair photo became a hot topic!

This is a photo of BTS posted on Coway’s official Twitter account.

BTS has often collaborated with Coway for a long time, and commercials are also popular.

In the collaboration photo of BTS and Coway released this time, the black hair of BTS members was noticed.

Jungkook’s Mulet hair became a hot topic.

Many ARMY like BTS’s black hair 😆

It seems that a collaboration campaign between Coway and BTS will be announced in the future, so don’t miss it ♪