TWICE Tzuyu’s Instagram ID is so cute! Her idea is amazing!


Tzuyu, the youngest member of TWICE (Maknae).

Tzuyu is so beautiful and is popular all over the world.

Today, May 17th, all TWICE members opened their personal Instagram and became a hot topic!


This is TWICE Tzuyu’s personal Instagram account.

Tzuyu’s personal Instagram ID (user name) was “thinkaboutzu”!

“Think about you” and “Tzuyu” are combined, and it’s an Instagram ID with a great sense.

Tzuyu’s first post included a photo of TWICE members and a photo of “Alcohol-Free”.

Both are nice photos, and I was healed when I looked at them 😆

The number of followers has exceeded 2.5 million, and we can feel the worldwide popularity of Tzuyu!

Let’s check out the future posts of Tzuyu and other TWICE members on Instagram ♪