BTS Jungkook played drums in “Dynamite”! Golden maknae is a hot topic! Music On A Mission

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BTS is a big success all over the world .

“Dynamite” released by BTS in 2020 is a big hit.

BTS appeared on “Music On A Mission” on March 13th!

This is the stage of BTS “Dynamite” posted on YouTube.

BTS sang in a big hall, and it was wonderful from the appearance of Jungkook.

Following Jungkook, the appearance of RM and j-hope was also cool.

Among them, Jungkook playing drums became a hot topic!

When it came to chorus, Jungkook was hitting the drums at the center, which was really cool.

ARMY has praised Jungkook as “Golden Maknae!”

The BTS mark was designed on the drums, and Jungkook’s drum performance was amazing.

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The announcement of the Grammy Awards for which BTS’s “Dynamite” has been nominated will begin on March 15th at 4 am (Korean time).

I’m looking forward to if BTS can win the Grammy Awards!

Please check out the performance of BTS “Dynamite” at the Grammy Awards ♪