BTS JUNGKOOK and JIN’s cute fight! Kookmin too !! The No No Game


BTS is playing an active role in the world.

BTS seem to be working on a new album these days.

Such Introducing the cute battle between BTS Manne, Jong Kook and Jin!

[BANGTAN BOMB] The No No Game – BTS (방탄소년단)

It was during the practice of BTS.

Jungkook captured Jin !

Every time Jin tried to sit down, Jung Kook was picking him up.

Jimin, who was sitting, was forced to join the game and was lifted up !

The lifted Jimin was like a UFO catcher’s freebie!

It was a video that Kookmin and Jin looked happy and healed while watching.

BTS seemed to be fun during practice.

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Fun practice video of BTS.

Jung Kook and Jin are so close to each other!

I want you to continue broadcasting a lot of fun videos♪