Too good friends! Jin wipes sweat with Jimin’s sleeve! !

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Bts is popular because of the good relations of the members.

The interesting interaction between the members with a deep bond is always a topic.

This time, I will introduce the good friend episode of BTS Jimin and Jin.

This is a video of Jin and Jimin’s good friends at V Live.

It is interesting to see Jin wiping sweat with Jimin’s sleeves in a natural flow!

Jimin was a little resistant to such Jin.

The two of us used to do the same thing.

Jin seems to like to wipe his sweat off Jimin’s sleeves (laughs)

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If you look at the cute ness of Jin and Jimin, you will be healed!

BTS always cheers me up.

I look forward to a fun video from now on♪