ENHYPEN Sunghoon’s airport fashion is cool! Sung Hoon with a good style is popular!


Popular KPOP idol ENHYPEN.

ENHYPEN has released their 2nd Japanese single “DIMENSION: 閃光” .

Yesterday, on May 13th, ENHYPEN left for Germany!

ENHYPEN at the airport is posted on the official YouTube of STAR PLUS and NEWSEN.

Since it was the recording day of Music Bank, where Sung Hoon is the MC, they all left at night.

This is the first overseas activity since ENHYPEN debuted.

ENHYPEN’s airport fashion has attracted attention!

ENHYPEN’s airport fashion is so wonderful.

Sung Hoon wore a green jacket, and he is so cool!

It was perfect fashion for Sung Hoon, who is tall and has an outstanding style😆

Not only Sunghoon, but also the airport fashion of other ENHYPEN members was cool, so let’s check it out ♪