ENHYPEN SungHoon and IZ*ONE Wonyoung covered BTS “Butter” at Music Bank! Check out their first MC ♪

Quote from:IZ*ONE instagram

Music program “Music Bank” broadcast in South Korea.

Popular artists appear every week at Music Bank and are watched by K-POP fans all over the world.

The MCs TXT Soobin and OH MY GIRL Arin graduated from Music Bank, and ENHYPEN Sung Hoon and IZ*ONE Wonyoung become as new MCs.

Sung Hoon and Wonyoung covered BTS’s “Butter” at the Music Bank broadcast on October 8th !

This is the stage of “Butter” at the Music Bank posted on YouTube.

The last MCs, Soobin and Arin, performed the songs of TXT and OH MY GIRL.

Everyone was wondering which songs Sung Hoon and Wonyoung would perform.

BTS’s “Butter” was perfect for Sung Hoon and Wonyoung!

Sung Hoon and Wonyoung wore yellow outfits and fit well with the concept of “Butter”.

There was a part where Sung Hoon handed sunglasses to Wonyoung, and their performance was wonderful !

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The MC of Sung Hoon and Wonyoung at this Music Bank was great .

There was also an interview with Yuri’s solo debut, who was the same IZ*ONE as Wonyoung.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of MC they will make in the future!

Don’t miss Sung Hoon and Wonyoung at the next Music Bank ♪