ENHYPEN Niki danced BTS Jimin’s “Lie” ! Pay attention to Niki’s dance, which ARMY also praises!

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ENHYPEN debuted from the popular audition program I-LAND.

Their dance performance is attracting attention in the debut song “Given-Taken”.

ENHYPEN Niki has dance-covered BTS Jimin’s solo song “Lie”!

This is “Lie” danced by ENHYPEN Niki posted on YouTube.

“Lie” is Jimin’s solo song, and its beautiful dance is popular with fans.

The dance of “Lie” covered by Niki was also beautiful !

Since I-LAND, Niki’s ability of dance has been attracting attention, and this dance cover video also clearly shows how good his dance is.

ARMY also praise Niki’s dance!

This video is the original “Lie” that Jimin dances.

Even with the same “Lie”, the atmosphere changes depending on the dancer.

In “Lie” that was shown live, the point was that Jimin was lifted by the dancers!

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Niki, a Japanese member who is the main dancer of ENHYPEN.

Niki is the youngest and still young, but he has such a great ability to dance!

We also support the future activities of ENHYPEN and Niki ♪