BTS Taehyung (V)’s perm hair is a hot topic ! ARMY was surprised at his hairstyle at the “Butter” press conference!

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Quote from:BTS official instagram
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BTS made a comeback with the new song “Butter”.

The MV for “Butter” has been played over 10 million times in a blink of an eye, setting an amazing record.

At the press conference about the release of “Butter”, Taehyung (V)’s perm hair has become a hot topic!

This is Taehyung (V) at the press conference about the release of “Butter” .

In the MV for “Butter” , Taehyung had a normal hairstyle, but this time he became a perm hair !

ARMY all over the world is surprised at his perm hairstyle .

With a hairstyle that Taehyung has never tried before, I felt his cute charm.

By the way, Jungkook had long purple hair in the MV for “Butter”, but this time he had short black hair!

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BTS have various hairstyles every time.

At this press conference, Taehyung’s perm hair, Jungkook’s black hair, was the focus of attention!

Please check out BTS’s hairstyles for future “Butter” activities ♪