BTS and McDonald’s Twitter emojis are cute! BTS logo has changed to MacDonald’s fries!


BTS has become a hot topic in collaboration with McDonald’s .

You can feel the popularity of BTS to be able to collaborate with the world-famous McDonald’s.

In commemoration of the release of “The BTS Meal”, cute emojis (hashflags) have appeared on Twitter!

This is the emojis (hashtags) that has become a hot topic on Twitter.

If you tweet “#BTSxMcd”, “#BTSMeal”, or “#TheBTSMeal”, you will get cute emoji.

At first glance, it looks like just a yellow BTS logo, but it’s actually made up of MacDonald’s fries!

It’s an emoji that’s very cute, so I’ll want to tweet a lot 😆

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Finally, from 20:00 (KST) on the 26th, “The BTS Meal” and details of BTS and McDonald’s collaboration merchandise will be released!

I’m wondering what kind of merchandise are available and what kind of menu “The BTS Meal” is!

Please check it out ♪