What outfits did BTS wear in the “Film out” MV ? JIL SANDER, SAINT LAURENT, etc.!

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS released a new Japanese song “Film out” on April 2nd.

The MV of “Film out” has exceeded 10 million times immediately after it was released, and is drawing attention from all over the world.

This time, I will introduce the outfits worn by BTS members in the MV of “Film out”!

Quote from: YouTube

First of all, it is the outfits that BTS’s maknae, Jungkook, wore in “Film out”.

The white top that Jungkook wore was OAMC .

The knit has a gentle atmosphere, and his outfits are perfect for the concept of “Film out”.

Quote from: YouTube

Next, it is the outfits that Taehyung (V) wore in “Film out”.

The white top that Taehyung wore was a JIL SANDER sweater.

He wore MARNI slippers on his feet.

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Next is the outfits that Jin wore in “Film out”.

Jin was an important person in the MV of “Film out”.

He wore a white T-shirt of AMI Alexandre Mattiussi and SAINT LAURENT striped shirt.

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The MV of “Film out” was shot on a set in the house, and the story of “Film out” has become a hot topic.

There are many scenes that seemed to linked to the MV of “FAKE LOVE”.

Please check the MV of “Film out” ♪