BTS GUCCI’s Donald Duck fashion is cute! “Telepathy” on MTV!

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BTS is the 7-member boys group active in the world.

On February 24th, the MTV program in which BTS appeared was broadcast.

BTS member’s Donald Duck fashion was the focus of attention on “Telepathy” on MTV!

BTS Performs “Telepathy” | MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS

This is the stage of BTS “Telepathy” on MTV.

“Telepathy” is a song included in BTS’s album “BE”, and the performance was shown for the first time on this MTV.

Each BTS member wore a GUCCI outfit of Donald Duck.

V wore a large Donald Duck-printed top, and he is very cute.

If you take a closer look, all the other BTS members have incorporated Donald Duck and Daisy Duck into their fashion.

RM’s Daisy Duck necklace and j-hope’s Mickey Mouse necklace were also cute.

It was a cute fashion that fits the concept of “Telepathy”!

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On MTV, there was also the first performance of “Blue & Grey”.

On the stage with a atmosphere different from “Telepathy”, the healing lyrics attracted attention!

Please check “Blue & Grey” too ♪