BTS “Film out” MV teaser was released ! Introducing the similarities with 「FAKE LOVE」 MV !

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS is popular all over the world.

BTS is also very popular in Japan, and they have released Japanese songs and held many tours in Japan.

The MV teaser of BTS’new song “Film out” to be released on April 2 was released!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Film out' Official Teaser

This is the MV teaser of BTS “Film out” released at 0:00 on March 26th.

The melody is beautiful, and the scene that V looked back on was impressive.

The relationship between the “FAKE LOVE” MV and the “Film out” MV is drawing attention among ARMY !

The hourglass, which was the point of the “FAKE LOVE” MV, also appeared in the “Film out” MV.

And it is said that the scene where Jin run in the teaser of “Film out” is similar to Jungkook in “FAKE LOVE”.

There were some other similarities between Jungkook in “FAKE LOVE” and Jin in “Film out”.

I don’t know if there is actually a connection between the “Film out” and “FAKE LOVE” music videos, but there is a lot of discussion about the theory between ARMY!

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“Film out” is the theme song of the movie “Signal” starring Kentaro Sakaguchi, and BTS will be in charge of the theme song following the drama.

BTS’s Japanese songs have been attracting attention for the first time in a long time since “Stay Gold” and “Your eyes tell” in July 2020!

In “Film out”, Iyori Shimizu who is vocalist of back number and BTS Jungkook made a melody together, which is also a hot topic.

Please check out the MV of “Film out” that will be released in the future ♪