Jimin also praised! BTS Jungkook made a good drawing of j-hope! Happy j-hope Day

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BTS j-hope celebrated his birthday on February 18th.

Fans all over the world are celebrating j-hope’s birthday, and it has become a Twitter trend.

BTS members are also celebrating j-hope’s birthday, and the drawing of j-hope posted by Jungkook has become a hot topic!

This is Jungkook’s tweet posted on BTS’s official Twitter account on February 18th.

It was past 11:00 pm, so I was wondering if Jungkook would not post , but he posted a nice drawing at the end.

It was wonderful to draw in the j-hope’s picture of “Dynamite”!

The way drawing the shadows are amazing, and you can feel the originality of Jungkook.

j-hope, who saw Jungkook’s drawing, posted a moving comment saying “Did you draw it? amazing 😭😢” .

Furthermore, Jimin also praised “Don’t lie .. You’ve crossed beyond the human category“!

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Also, in Jungkook’s post, along with the drawing of j-hope, acrostic poem was also posted.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of tweets will be posted on SUGA’s birthday on March 9th!

Please check it out ♪