BTS Jimin posted blonde selfie! His cute fingers are a hot topic!


Jimin is popular member of BTS.

Jimin is good at dancing and singing, and his performance is acclaimed.

Jimin’s cute personality is also popular.

This time, I will introduce the cute sefie posted by BTS Jimin!

Here is a picture of Jimin posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

There was a”#JIMIN” .

The blonde looks good on Jimin and he has a cute hairstyle than usual 😆

The red sweatshirt was also nice.

Among ARMY, Jimin’s fingers were noticed!

It has been said that Jimin has smaller hands than other BTS members and his fingers are very cute.

I was surprised by some fans who noticed that Jimin’s nails were growing a little.

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On the birthday of j-hope , Jimin’s acrostic poem was interesting.

V, Jin, and Jungkook also posted various acrostic poems and made ARMY laugh!

Please check out future BTS posts ♪