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BTS Jin’s tuna T-shirt on “Super Tuna” is so cute! ARMY wants the T-shirt ♪ The hand-painted design is cute!

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Today, December 4th is BTS Jin’s birthday.

In the birthday V live broadcasted by Jin, the new song “Super Tuna(슈퍼 참치)” was released.

In the performance video of Jin’s “Super Tuna(슈퍼 참치)” posted on YouTube, the tuna T-shirt that Jin wore become a hot topic!

These are photos of Jin of “Super Tuna (슈퍼 참치)” posted on BTS official Twitter.

Jin wore overalls.

Actually, Jin’s outfit was the same when he played at Six Flags, an amusement park in Los Angeles.

BTS wore a tuna-designed T-shirt in his overalls!

The two dancers also wore T-shirts with different designs.

Probably the tuna drawn by Jin, and ARMY want the tuna T-shirts 😆

“Super Tuna(슈퍼 참치)” ‘s choreography is also a hot topic, and ARMY imitates the dance.

Let’s check out how popular Jin’s “Super Tuna(슈퍼 참치)” will be. ♪