SHINee is back with a new song “Don’t Call Me”! Call events are also a hot topic!

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SHINee is very popular and they has made a lot of hit songs.

Recently, Onew, Key, and Minho have been discharged from army, and SHINee’s activities are gradually resuming.

On February 22, SHINee released the MV of the title song “Don’t Call Me” of their new album “Don’t Call Me”!

This is the MV of SHINee “Don’t Call Me” released at 18:00 on February 22nd.

Concept photos and teasers were released , and SHINee members were drawing attention.

Minho had red hair, and Taemin’s hair had blonde !

Call events have also become a hot topic.

The MV of “Don’t Call Me” started with Minho, and then Onew, Taemin, and Key appeared in that order.

Minho’s abs also became a hot topic!

The intro was full of power, and the repeated phrase “Don’t Call Me” was impressive.

The chorus dance was cool, and it was a performance that made me feel that SHINee was finally back 😆

The climax was great, and the dance in which SHINee danced face to face was very cool!

I’m impressed with the performance that doesn’t make you feel any their blanks.

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SHINee finally made a comeback with the new song “Don’t Call Me”.

Fans all over the world had been waiting for SHINee’s comeback 😆

On Twitter, many words about SHINee are trending, and SHINee’s influence is amazing!

Please check out the comeback activity of “Don’t Call Me” that will be shown in future music programs ♪