BTS’s “In The Soop” season 2 will be broadcast!

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Popular program “In The Soop” starring BTS.

It is a program where BTS spends time surrounded by nature.

Season 2 of “In The Soop” will be broadcast!

This is the announcement posted on the official Twitter account of “In The Soop”.

The other day, a new notice was tweeted and became a hot topic.

In Season 1 of “In The Soop”, there were lots of highlights, such as the scenes where BTS members talked to each other and the time of their hobbies.

I’m wondering what BTS members are going to do in Season 2!

Above all, it would be nice if the members themselves could spend a relaxing and healing time.

It hasn’t been announced when it will be broadcast yet, so don’t miss the upcoming announcement of “In The Soop” ♪