SKZOO’s costumes are very cute ! StrayKids online fanmeeting “SKZ-X” was a hot topic ! Also SKZOO’s cute goods !

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StrayKids who belong to JYP Entertainment, which has produced 2PM and TWICE.

StrayKids is a popular idol group with a powerful dance performance.

On February 20, StrayKids held an online fanmeeting “SKZ-X”!

Fans from all over the world could meet StrayKids online.

One of the most talked about was the stage of StrayKids “God’s Menu” wearing a SKZOO costume!

This is a photo of LeeKnow posted on the official Instagram of StrayKids.

LeeKnow wore a SKZOO costume of rabbit.

Felix and Han also posted photos in SKZOO costumes, and all the members were very cute.

SKZOO’s cute goods in the “SKZ-X” are also on sale.

There are many goods such as smartphone goods, pouch, and pens!

Every member’s SKZOO is cute, so I’m wondering which one to choose 😆

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Today, February 20, 2018, the MV of “My Pace” released by StrayKids in August 2018 has exceeded 100 million views !

Recently, many MVs of StrayKids have exceeded 100 million views, and you can see the popularity of StrayKids.

I support the future activities of StrayKids in 2021 ♪