BTS Jungkook posted his dog Bahm on Instagram’s story! The room where the figures are displayed is a hot topic!


BTS opened a personal Instagram on December 6th.

ARMY is happy to see BTS’s various photos and stories every day.

Today, December 10th, BTS Jungkook posted the photos of his dog Bahm on the Instagram story!

Bahm first appeared in Season 2 of “In The Soop”.

I was surprised because I didn’t have any information about Bahm until now.

Bahm is Doberman, which is a very big dog.

Since Jungkook has opened a personal Instagram, many fans expected that he would post a photo of Bahm someday.

This time, the photo of Bahm that Jungkook posted on the Instagram story was the photo of Jungkook’s wallpaper on smartphone that was talked about on V Live before.

There was also a video of playing with Bahm, and Bahm was so cute!

Also, the place where this video was shot was a hot topic among ARMY.

Some ARMY say this room is Jungkook’s room.

The figures on the shelves looked were wonderful.

Also, I’d be happy if Jungkook could post many photos of Bahm on Instagram ♪