Introduce the Galaxy S20+ 5G, a smartphone sold out in collaboration with BTS and Samsung! Earphones too !!


BTS is active worldwide.

BTS is also very popular in the advertising world.

Such I introduces the Galaxy S20+ 5G in collaboration BTS with Samsung!

최초공개💜 삼성 갤럭시 S20 BTS 스페셜 에디션 언박싱! 소우주 컨셉 G린다.. Unboxing Samsung Galaxy BTS Special Edition!

The person who actually purchased the Galaxy S20+ 5G showed the opening ceremony on YouTube.

The smartphone that sold out in just an hour became a hot topic online.

The smartphone were irresistible to BTS fans.

The package was already stylish.

The contents of the Galaxy were designed with the BTS theme color purple as the main color and even the heart!

A purple heart is also designed on the camera part.

Not only the appearance but also the contents of the smartphone were BTS specifications.

From the top screen to the app icon, all are in purple.

The thorough design was wonderful!

The wireless earphones also had BTS specifications.

The color of the earphones is purple, and the visuals when worn are fashionable.

Galaxy and earphones also come with BTS member trading cards.

All the photos were wonderful!

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Samsung’s Galaxy S20+5G, which was talked about in collaboration with BTS.

ARMY wants to get a smartphone full of BTS.

I’m jealous of the people who got it!