BTS Taehyung also watched Jungkook’s V Live! ? The set list is wonderful, such as “Euphoria”, “IDOL”, and “Dope”!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS is a very popular group all over the world.

BTS is also popular for interacting with ARMY using Weverse and V Live.

At midnight on July 30th, BTS’s Maknae Jungkook broadcasted V Live!

This is V Live broadcasted by Jungkook.

From SUGA, Taehyung (V), J-HOPE to Jungkook, BTS has a lot of V live recently.

Jungkook sang various songs at this V Live.

Jungkook’s solo song “Euphoria”, “Wings”, “So What”, etc., made me feel like I was watching a concert !

Jungkook danced “Dope” and “IDOL”, and it was wonderful V live 😎

It seems that Taehyung also watched Jungkook’s V Live, and an interesting comment was posted on Weverse.

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Also, in this V Live, the pajamas (setup) that Jungkook wore are also talked about!

Please check out Jungkook’s V Live, which is full of highlights ♪