Jimin is in an emergency! ? Jimin who has a stiff shoulder is cute! BODY FRIEND CM !


BTS is very popular from the commercial world.

Samsung’s GALAXY commercial was also well received.

The next commercial that BTS appeared is a massage chair.

This time, I will introduce the CM of BODY FRIEND that BTS Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin appeared.

It started with Jimin, who was suffering from stiff shoulders.

It does not recover easily though The shoulder of such Jimin was given by Jungkook.

It is a considerable stiff neck.

Jungkook and Jin take Jimin to the massage chair.

Sitting in the massage chair, Jimin seemed to be very healed.

BTS’s performance is always cute!

I want to see a lot of BTS commercials from now on♪