Agust D is back with “대취타”! Jin and Jungkook also appeared in the MV! !

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Activity name “Agust D” as a rapper for BTS SUGA.

SUGA on Agust D has a different charm than BTS.

Such Agust D is back with “대취타”!

This is the MV for Agust D “대취타” released on May 22.

SUGA was really cool with an MV like a historical drama.

It was like a movie.

Actually, BTS’s Jin and Jungkook were on the MV of “대취타”!

Jin and Jungkook, who became anglers, were fighting !

Please pay attention to the look of the bearded Jin.

It had a very funny face.

When Jungkook was angry, it was cute because he seemed to be watching the usual two people.

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The MV of Agust D “대취타” finally released.

I saw a very cool SUGA.

Jin and Jungkook also appeared, and it was a MV full of highlights.

Please check it out!