Same as Jungkook! ? The smile necklace worn by BTS Taehyung (V) is talked about as cute!

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BTS is a big hit with the new song “Permission to Dance”.

BTS appeared on SBS News yesterday, and the interview attracted attention.

It has been talked about that the necklace worn by BTS Taehyung (V) is cute!

This is a group photo of BTS when they appeared on SBS News.

Each of them wore different outfits, and everyone was cool.

The necklace that Taehyung(V) wore was “ WE11DONE ”.

Smile pendant is very cute !

Actually, it is said that this smiley pendant necklace was also worn by Jungkook at the SOWOOZOO concert!

Jungkook wore a black necklace 😆

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Before appearing on SBS News, Taehyung(V) broadcasted V Live.

Taehyung(V) ate sushi deliciously and it was a cute V live.

Please check that out the V live ♪