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BTS KookMin sings “Winter Bear”! !! BTS FESTA 2020

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BTS FESTA is held every year.

There are lots of fun projects for ARMY.

This time,
I would like to introduce “Winter Bear” sung by Kookmin at BTS FESTA 2020!

[2020 FESTA] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘MAP OF THE SONG : 7’ #2020BTSFESTA

When “Winter Bear” begins, Jungkook said”My song. I have to sing this song.”

Jungkook got a microphone from Taehyung and sang .

“Winter Bear” is Taehyung’s solo song, but Taehyung himself was shaking the penlight .

“Winter Bear” sung by Kook Min was also wonderful.

The clear singing voices of Jimin and Jung Kook were very beautiful.

I heard the harmony between Taehyung and Jung Kook.

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“Winter Bear” sung by Kook Min.

Taehyung was singing along the way.

I could feel a different charm from “Winter Bear” sung by Taehyung.

Please check it out!