BTS V and Jungkook, who are always close to each other! Information on sightings at the cafe is a topic! !


BTS is as good as a family.

Even if you look at the cool performance, you can see the bond of BTS.

This time, I’ll introduce the sightings information ofBTS V and Jungkookat cafe.

According to the clerk of the café in South Korea, V, Jungkook, and manager came to the café in the middle of the night.

While waiting for the order, it seems to have been playing with the smartphone, the manager “Where did Taehyung go?When Jungkook asked , he pointed to his shoulder, and V put his face on Jungkook’s shoulder.

It’s a very cute episode!

V and Jungkook are famous for being good friends for a long time, but i was surprised that they became good friends in their private lives too much.

It is a pretty sight just by imagining it.

I envy the clerk of the café.

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BTS V and Jungkook are always good friends.

I hope that the two of us will be in a relationship that will never change because they are always good friends♪