The microphone that BTS V had on CDTV was upside down! ? V’s action is a topic !!

Quote from:BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL twitter

BTS is very popular in Japan.

BTS, who releases a new album in Japan, has recently appeared on various TV programs.

When BTS appeared on CDTV on July 14th, V’s microphone became a hot topic!

This is BTS V on CDTV broadcast on July 14th.

V used to be an air mic and had the mic upside down !

I didn’t notice if I didn’t look closely, but it was a hot topic among ARMY around the world.

It was the moment when you could feel the cute of V.

V always does interesting things to entertain ARMY.

Even so, “Your eyes tell” had a very cool performance.

This is V’s charm!

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BTS V is always talking about cute behavior.

The interesting behavior of V also attracted attention on CDTV.

Be sure to check out the performance of “Your eyes tell”♪