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The BTS Meal is a hot topic! BTS will collaborate with McDonald’s! Where will it be held?

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS released “Dynamite” in 2020, which was nominated for a Grammy Award and became a hot topic.

It was announced that BTS will collaborate with McDonald’s!

This is a notice of collaboration with McDonald’s posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

McDonald’s in Japan and BTS had a collaboration campaign before, but this time it will be held all over the world.

In the video posted on McDonald’s official TikTok, the BTS logo mark was made with McDonald’s french fries.

BTS sings McDonald’s song, and ARMY expect their collaboration!

Another posted image showed the venue of “THE BTS MEAL”.

It will start in the US and Australia on May 26th, and will be held all over the world until June.

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McDonald’s Twitter name also has “7”, which was perfect for BTS!

You can see how popular BTS is by collaborating with the world-famous McDonald.

Please check the contents of “The BTS Meal” and future collaboration information ♪