NCT Shotaro opened Instagram! What was Shotaro’s first post?

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Shotaro joined NCT2020 as a new member.

Shotaro has been attracting attention as a Japanese member since Yuta, and his excellent dance performance became a hot topic.

On April 17th, NCT Shotaro opened Instagram!

This is the first photo posted on the official Instagram of NCT Shotaro.

There was a cute comment saying “Hi, I’m Shotaro ~ ✌✌ I’m back”.

It looks like a picture taken during the activities of NCT2020, and Shotaro wore a cool stage costume.

Mark and Taeyong recently opened Instagram, and fans were surprised that a new member, Shotaro, opened instagram 😆

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In Japan, it is a hot topic that Yuta’s Instagram followers have won the number one Japanese male talent.

Yuta has been featured on various Japanese TV programs.

Shotaro’s Instagram is likely to become more and more popular in the future.

Please check out Shotaro’s future posts ♪