What do the numbers in the BTS “Butter” MV mean? SIN’s good friend episode, romantic J-HOPE!

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BTS made a comeback with the new song “Butter”.

The MV for “Butter” has already exceeded 50 million views and has become a hot topic all over the world.

This time, I will introduce the meaning of the numbers in the MV of BTS “Butter”!

This is the MV for BTS “Butter” released at 13:00 on May 21st.

What attracted attention in the “Butter” MV was the number written on the board that the members had! (Around 30 seconds)

Jin: 655212 → Random

SUGA: 384627 → Random

RM: 201904 → Number of the apartment he used to live in

J-HOPE: 660660 → Meaning of “kiss”

Jimin: 141018 → First concert day

Taehyung (V): 000001 → To win 1st place

Jungkook: 110604 → The day he first entered the dorm

They taught us the number’s meaning on V live.

SUGA and Jin (SIN) decided the numbers randomly on their smartphones.

The number of J-HOPE means “kiss” and it was romantic 😆

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On V Live, BTS told us various other episodes about “Butter”.

Jungkook playing with Taehyung’s perm hair was cute !

Please check the V live ♪