Check out the fashion BTS wore on CDTV “Your eyes tell”!!

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BTS is active worldwide.

Also BTS’s album in Japan will be released.

BTS sang “Stay Gold” and “Your eyes tell” on CDTV.

Introducing the fashion that BTS wore on the CDTV broadcast on July 14th!


First , BTS leader, RM fashion.

RM was wearing a stylish jacket.

The color was changed by changing the collar and it was a cute jacket.

The combination with the T-shirt worn inside was also a wonderful fashion.


Next, BTS Jimin’s fashion.

Jimin was wearing the same NOHANT clothes as RM.

It was a cute fashion with top and bottom denim!

Quote: 7DlNUL/

Next, BTS JHOPE fashion.

JHOPE wore all denim!

The fashion was similar to Jimin, but the denim jacket seems to be a different brand.


Next is BTS Jung Kook’s fashion.

Jungkook was also singing in the center of “Your eyes tell”, and he was very noticeable.

Jungkook wore a shirt with stripes!

It was a fashion that was perfectly compatible with the white T-shirt worn inside.