BTS j-hope’s older sister Jiwoo held a wedding ceremony! Taehyung, Jin also attended and became a hot topic!


BTS j-hope is very popular all over the world.

j-hope has an older sister, Jung Jiwoo, who is attracting attention as a fashion influencer.

Today, May 5th, Jung Jiwoo had a wedding ceremony!

The photos of wearing a wedding dress was posted on Jiwoo’s Instagram in January 2021.

Jiwoo’s Instagram has more than 8 million followers, which is very influential.

In March, Jiwoo is belong to CUBE Entertainment, and her new activities are drawing attention.

It seems that not only her younger brother j-hope but also Jin and Taehyung (V) participated in Jiwoo’s wedding today !

Jiwoo is surely happy to have her younger brother and BTS members congratulate her.

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BTS posts various contents for the new song “Butter” to be released on May 21st.

Concept clips are released, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of new song it is!

Please check the information on BTS in the future ♪